A bit Cool, yes, but Warm days are just around the corner!

Sure we’ve had some cooler temps of late after a picture perfect 75 degree Saturday. This time of year you can have some cool days mixed in with the nice ones. But what’s important here at your home-port is that Launch marches on!


You can bet we’re busy as bees in fact, we didn’t let the cooler air slow us down, we even found a nice pool under that winter cover.


So get those launch orders filled out and make sure you put a date on them, then turn it. Or if your undecided stop by and let us help you with your paperwork. Either way, the time is fast approaching to make a splash at your favorite Lake Erie Marina!


Longer, warmer days at your Home-port.. A sign of the good things to come!

Busy, busy times here at your Family Fun Marina. We have been helping get captains ready and their boats into the water as the weather slowly warms toward season norms. Even the reports of Walleye fishing are looking up as anglers head toward open water once launched.


So if your still on the bubble trying to decide where your boat wants to spend the summer, stop by Romp’s Lake Erie Marina and see what we have to offer at your favorite Lake Erie Marina.


Need help? If one of our captains or crew and need help deciding what needs done this spring to get you on the water, stop in and let us help you fill out your launch order. Now open 7 days a week to serve you better. After all you don’t want to spend the summer missing the boat! We hope to see you dockside.

Launch Season has arrived…We have what floats your boat!

Well it may be a tad early to hit the water, but we have already seen some Captains splashdown this week as the early bird boaters are put in the water.

In fact here is the very first launch of the season:


So for those of you still working on your Launch Orders please know you have plenty of time as the season is just now getting started. We would like to let our Captains and Crews know that if they need help filling out a launch order we are just a phone call away, or stop in and do it as we are now open 7 days a week.


Also, “R” Service Department would like to make sure you know to put a launch date on your order before turning it in. We cannot schedule services without a date to work with, so please be sure to double check that before you make your request, it is much appreciated!

Till then, we hope to see you dockside at your favorite Lake Erie Marina!

Dairy Dock Opens Thursday…The Sweet Life Returns!

Here’s a forecast you can really appreciate, we predict a 100% chance of Flurrys  on Thursday. Why, you ask?

Because Romp’s Dairy Dock returns and there is no better way to celebrate then one of the many flavors of Ice-Cream Flurry served, or maybe your favorite cone with special toppings, or maybe a delicious slushy, either way the sweet life is just days away!


You can see with a forecast like that why we are excited no matter what Mother Nature has planned, so be sure to keep the date marked. After all, it’s never to late to sprinkle some fun in your life!


We hope to see you dockside, and have a Delicious Day!

“R” Hours and Yours….

Any minute now we are going to say that Spring has Sprung here at your home-port. We’ve been busy getting the place ready as we take down the snow fence and the docks hit the water. We had a great week getting the place put back together and look forward to more sun in the coming weeks to follow.


As everything starts to take shape we want you to know that our Office Hours are back to the spring schedule so starting Saturday we are open

9-5  – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday (Except Easter, we will be closed for Easter Sunday).


We wish everyone a great Easter Weekend, and hope to see you dockside!


Another 50 to celebrate..Happy Anniversary Bill and Molly

We just wanted to get a shout out to Bill and Molly on their 50th Anniversary. Though now spending their winters in sunny Florida, they will be back to Vermilion soon. So in the mean time we wish them all the happiness we can from the shores of Lake Erie.


Here’s where it all started…. “R” founders Robb and Peeps (Laura) on the left, Bill and Molly on the right.


And just for fun, here’s what the boats looked like 50 years ago! See you dockside!


Some Legends are true…This one is 50 years in the making.

First off with the approach of April, there is a very important milestone that is about to be reached. Our very own service manager, Chuch Sooy is closing in on an incredible 50 years of service here at your home-port!

(click on the article to enlarge it, courtesy of Scuttlebutt Magazine and Karl Sooy)


Now before you mis-read this, Chuck is not retiring, he is just setting the bar ever higher as one of the greatest in Lake Erie’s history. Just to put some scale on this accomplishment, we estimate that Chuck has winterized over 14,000 boats in his career, and that’s just fall services.  We and the boating community are very grateful for every one of his 50 years.

Also, this weekend we also will be Open Saturday to show any new Captain’s and Crews what we have to offer, so if your in out looking for a new place to drop anchor, stop by dockside. We would love to show you around.

After all the Lake is getting bluer by the minute. We hope to see you dockside!

Days till launch:

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  • IMG_20150319_072739_670

    Luck of the Irish!


    We want to wish all of our captains and crews a very Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Here’s hoping the road does indeed rise up to meet you. Here at your home-port we count ourselves to be very fortunate to have gone through a very tough winter and the subsequent thaw and ice flow without incident.


    As you can see in the picture above the ice is turning to very thin slush and with it we are inching ever closer to putting the docks in.

    Which means this will not be far behind.


    So enjoy your corn beef and cabbage and know that it won’t be long until we kick things off here at Romp’s Lake Erie Marina. Because as every boater knows, there may not be a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow, but if your lucky enough to be on a boat on a calm lake, you’re lucky enough!

    We hope to see you dockside!

    Days are getting warmer….Spring just around the corner.

    What a week of warmer weather can do for the spirits! Just after leaving the coldest February ever recorded, we find ourselves in a nice week of mild temps. As the snow slowly melts away, and with it those winter blahs. We are already getting Launch Orders ready to mail out to a mailbox near you.

    So soon we can go from this (taken at 9am this morning):


    To this:


    So hang in there, Spring has almost sprung here at your Home-port!.. For those out and about this weekend be sure to stop in and say hi. We’re Open Saturday from 10-3 for your convenience.

    You can also check in with us on Facebook for daily marina updates.

    We hope to see you dockside!