Happy Easter Holiday from our family to yours..

We are hoping all of our captains and crews enjoy the upcoming Easter Holiday this weekend. We will be open both Saturday and Easter Sunday so if your out and about after Easter Services stop by if you want to add a dock to that Easter basket.


Dairy Dock will be open as well for those looking for a treat beyond the standard Easter Egg fare or Chocolate Bunny fare, so Hop on over we’ll have your favorite treats ready… Most of all be safe if traveling and enjoy time with family. We’ll see you dockside!


We’re making a splash this week…

From boats going into the water, to uncovering the pool (to make sure Mother Nature did not leave us with any surprises under the winter cover), we have been watching things come together nicely this week.


With every passing day the temps seem to inch up and the summer inches closer. So be sure and get those launch orders out and give them a good looking over, for the day is not too far off where your boat will be making quite a splash as well.


So enjoy the days that have warmth, and if you happen to be wondering where your boat would like to spend the summer, stop by Romp’s Lake Erie Marina, because we would like to show you around. Till then we hope to see you dockside!

Splish Splash Spring….

The days seem to be getting warmer as the boats start their natural migration back to the water. We have been very busy getting things ready here at the marina and are on schedule as launch starts. In fact we have four boats in the water with more to follow next week as temps topped out at 72 yesterday.


Of course we recognize that April showers soon followed, but it was still a great week as the marina is coming together nicely.

Here are some updates from your homeport:

  • The dockside water and electric are on for your convenience. Though you will need a 30amp adapter and we have a limited number to loan so please plan accordingly.
  • The Gas Docks are in and open for business. We will  have help on the weekends for fueling or pump-outs, but during the week it will be self serve.
  • Launch orders are out, if you have not received one please contact us and we can get one out to you. Please do not turn in a Launch order without a launch date on it, it is better for scheduling services if you wait until you’ve confirmed a time-frame. If you need assistance filling out the launch order feel free to bring it to the store, we’re open 7 days a week from 9-5.
  • We hope to see you dockside!



The First Splashdown of the year… AND Ice Cream!

Finally we have some very good news to report. The docks are in, the gas docks are up and running, the dockside water and electric are on AND.. the very best part is the first boat of the year is in the water.


As if that wasn’t enough to make our week already. Tomorrow Dairy Dock opens at 11am, so get your sweet tooth ready!


So the signs of spring are everywhere here at your homeport, the only thing missing is you!..

Docks are in….. Boats are next!

Well we have the marina pretty well put together. Docks are in, dock boxes are arriving dockside even as we speak and the gas docks are in, and should be functioning soon. That said, we are excited to start the next phase of spring, which means we are getting ever closer to putting boats in the water.


So if you have not given much thought to your boat this year, now would be the time to ask yourself, “Where would your boat like to spend the summer?” Because here at Romp’s we have the answer. Stop by this weekend and see why over 200 families call Romp’s Lake Erie Marina their homeport.

Open Saturday 9-4 * Sunday 10-4…Hope to see you dockside~!

“R” Hours and Yours…

As March heads out like a lamb and April rolls in, we switch gears and start our spring hours to serve you better.

So starting today, The Store-Office will be open from 9 am – 4 pm Mon-Tues-Thurs-Fri-Sat, 10-4 on Sundays. So if your looking for assistance with your launch order or have a question about dockage please feel free to stop by. As always, our service department is open from 8-5 Monday through Friday. Of course the big question is “When does Dairy Dock open?“, we are pleased to announce that will be April 10th. Till then, we hope to see you dockside!…


Spring is the thing at your home port….

Of course this time of year you never know what any day could bring weather wise as we slowly transition to spring from a tough winter. That said, we have enjoyed sun and some milder temps this week and have done our best to take advantage of it by putting docks in.


Gradually what your going to find is there is a very nice marina under all that snow and ice. That, and as sure as we type this there are better days ahead. We are actually very excited to be outdoors and getting things put back in order for the boating season ahead, and we hope you are too!

So if your in the area and looking for a place for captain and crew to call home-port, happen on by to Romp’s this Saturday and let us show you all the summer fun we have to offer. Now open 10-3 Saturdays, stop in an see why Romp’s is called Lake Erie’s Family Fun Marina.

We hope to see you dockside!

Docks head toward their natural habitat…Splashdown!

Well the time has come where we just do not want to wait another minute to start spring. As the office ships out launch orders, the Romp’s Crew hit the shoreline and started putting docks in the water as a sign that spring is going to arrive any day now.


Even Lake Erie is showing more signs of blue water with every passing day. So though it may still be a bit frosty out side, we want our captains and crews to  know that when spring temps do arrive, we will be ready to get things going here at your homeport!


All’s well that ends well!

Friday came about and brought with it some serious sun. We had a chance to get the work boat in the water and start getting things ready in the hopes that docks will splashdown next week.

IMG_20140321_145918_593 (1)

But before that happens, we want you to know we will be open Saturday from 10am to 3pm if your out and about and looking for a place for your boat to spend the summer. If your running late, just call we’ll be glad to wait for you, after all we have a great spot all picked out for you.


We hope to see you dockside!


First Day of Spring and we’re here to tattle, we’ve spotted a paddle!

What have we here? The first day of spring arrived and despite a bit of an overcast sky we spotted our first boat today!


Folks, there is no better sign then a boat meandering by, no matter what size, going down the river.  So imagine how great a feeling it is to know that though spring is only in its infancy, the end of a very long winter may finally be at hand and we can all start thinking about putting boats in the river.


So start thinking about where your boat would like to spend the summer, then stop by, we’re open Saturdays to talk boating and make sure you start the season off on the right foot, or at the very least on the right side of the dock! Hope to see you at Lake Erie’s Family Fun Marina!